There are three phases of money in a person’s life – accumulation, preservation, and distribution.  Each phase is equally as important, and requires expert advise to ensure it’s proper execution. 

The accumulation phase typically represents most of your working years, while the preservation and distribution phases represent your retirement years and beyond.  I offer Safe Money Solutions that guarantee you will NEVER lose a dime of your hard earned wealth due to market loss, and ensure that you will never outlive your money – no matter how long you live.

I offer financial instruments that allow you to participate in the gains of the market, while protecting you from market loss.  These are insurance products, not investments.  You are insuring that you will NEVER lose money due to losses in the market, and the only cost to you is sharing the gains with the insurance company (but never sharing the losses!)

Once you’ve reached the stage of your life where your current and future earning power is more limited, it’s time to consider protecting the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate with safety and guarantees.  In addition to participating in market gains without any risk of losing money due to market loss, I can show you how we can leverage a portion of your retirement savings to create a private pension that you can NEVER outlive. 

If you’re concerned about another market “correction,” I urge you to call me today so we can discuss how these solutions can work for your specific situation.