About Us

TobyMy name is Toby Skinner, and I am the proud owner of Your Safe Money Solutions.  I have served the greater Portland area since 1966.  

For many years, I served people in the “accumulation” phase of their financial journey as a broker and investment advisor.  This is a critical phase in your overall financial strategy; it is the time to pursue growth with moderate to high risk investments.  During this phase, you should have enough time to make up for any significant losses due to the amount of risk in your portfolio.

As my personal accumulation phase came to an end, I shifted the focus of my work towards helping those in the “preservation” and “distribution” phases.  My views on brokers and investment advisors didn’t change, but I changed personally.  I realized that I couldn’t afford to keep all of my money at risk in the market without any guarantees because I could no longer afford to wait out another market correction.

Whether you are still years away from retirement, or are already retired, I am delighted to provide expert and objective advice.  Two of the biggest concerns that I hear about today are losing money due to market volatility and the possibility of outliving your savings.  With traditional investment vehicles, both concerns are very real possibilities.  With my Safe Money Solutions, you are guaranteed to never lose a dime due to stock market volatility, and guaranteed to never outlive your money – no matter how long you may live!