“I assist people of all ages in preserving their core retirement savings while allowing it to participate in market gains and never losing a dime due to market loss”

-Toby Skinner

Serving Clients Since 1966

Over the years that we have been clients of your firm, you assisted us to avoid 100% of “Black Monday” in 1987 and we are so thankful that our money has been protected all these years, and now we are thoroughly enjoying our retirement. We appreciate all the guidance you have provided us.

Helen and Larry J.

Portland, OR

My attorney said to meet with you, and boy am I glad he did. Thank you for all you have done.

Elizabeth M.

Salem, OR

Our CPA referred you to us when Harold was about to retire with his 401k. You gave us a lot of your time and several options for us to consider. The program Harold and I chose has provided good returns, and just as important, knowing that we are no longer at risk to the ups and downs of the market.

Martha and Harold S.

Lake Oswego, OR

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